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Employment Opportunities

Full-time Middle school ELA, Science and/or History Instructor 

Bethlehem Christian School is seeking a candidate for hire as a full-time middle school ELA, science and/or history instructor.  This dynamic teacher will be able to utilize interactive technology resources, provide differentiated lessons, work well as a member of a team, as well as take initiative to implement their own gifts and talents within the classroom.  Strong communication skills are necessary as you work in partnership with our parents and students.

Job Summary: Responsible for the implementation of the academic program of Bethlehem Christian School (BCS), including the day to day operations that relate to parents, pupils, educational programs, supplies and equipment. The BCS Instructor’s primary responsibility is the ongoing enhancement of instruction for the students entrusted to them. Instructors are expected to provide clear lines of communication with families regarding school goals,
accomplishments, practices and policies.

Job Duties:

  • Organizes and develops a classroom climate that promotes adequate discipline of students, rapport with peers, and an understanding of parents.
  •  Assumes responsibility and instructional leadership within their classroom under the supervision of the Principal and in accordance with the written policies of the BCS Board of Trustees for the planning, management, operation and evaluation of the educational environment.
  • Is a life-long learner displaying a commitment to professional development and a responsibility for maintaining licensure.
  •  Works in conjunction with the administration and with peers in the stewardship of facilities.
  • Assist the Principal and Head of School with the supervision of student activities, student orientation, preview meetings, and extra curricular programs.
  •  Displays the ability to work as a team member utilizing good communication with peers and compliance with Matthew 18 in maintaining the spiritual health of the community.
  • Works in conjunction with the Principal and Head of School in the retention of current families and recruitment of new families.
  •  Is able to commit to the Bethlehem Christian School Statement of Faith to model Christ to our students in the learning environment.

Reporting Structure: 6 th -12 th - BCS Principal