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Bethlehem Christian School’s Parent Teacher Fellowship, or PTF, is an essential pillar in the school’s organization, working to build community among parents and between the BCS staff and school family, while being responsible for the coordination and execution of many of the school’s events

Each family enrolled at BCS is a member of the PTF.   Parents serve in classrooms, participate on committees, plan events, and coordinate projects. This active involvement ensures the continued excellence of the academic and enrichment environments for our students.

Under the direction of the PTF executive Board, committees work to implement each year’s plans. Programs and activities include:


Family Focused Activities:
Grandparents Day

Harvest Party

Christmas Concert
Valentine Party

Family Fun Nights

Spring Showcase


Parent Focused Activities:

Uniform Consignment Sale


Student Focused Activities:

Book Fair
End of Year Picnics


School Support Activities:
New Family Picnic
Room Parents
Spring Showcase

Lunch/library/art/recess volunteers

Our private Christian school offers significant opportunities for parents to make a difference in their children’s educational environment. For more information about BCS’s PTF, please contact your campus office.