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Instructional and Curriculum Evaluation Process
Bethlehem Christian School collaboratively and formally evaluates its curriculum and instructional program on a systematic basis. This regular evaluation of curriculum is necessary to ensure that the written and delivered curriculum is having the desired effect for students. This is a quantitative and qualitative process that involves teachers, board members and parents. Each participating member completes subject-specific evaluation forms considering elements such as subject matter content, social content, readability, instructional design, production quality, and support and supplementary materials. Descriptive narratives are also included. The evaluations are analyzed and summarized by the curriculum coordinator. A summative report and recommendation is then presented to the Board for final approval.
Our curriculum is developed to offer an excellent academic education that meets state and national standards, along with a Biblical worldview, uniting faith and learning. The process of integration occurs in the classroom as the teacher utilizes the curriculum to meet the educational objectives established for each particular grade. While many different textbooks are used to accomplish our mission, they are simply tools used by our teachers to assist in the instructional process. The most effective kind of Biblical integration is carried out through the Christian witness and testimony of the Christian teacher, who use God’s Word as the only source of truth. Bethlehem Christian School teachers challenge students to think critically about what they read both in secular and Christian publications.  We want our students to seek truth, with the knowledge that God’s Word is the only inerrant source of truth.  

BCS has not adopted Common Core, nor has our curriculum guide been aligned to Common Core standards.