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Accredited at the Highest Level By:

Bethlehem Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools at the highest level possible.
Value of the ASP accreditation process to the professional life of the school:
For schools that meet the qualifications to participate in the Accreditation by School Project protocol for reaccreditation, the traditional accreditation process may not be the best choice for school improvement.

The Accreditation by School Project instead begins with an evaluation of stakeholder concerns. This analysis leads to the development of a project. Time spent on this process directly relates to daily classroom practice. Every component part of the process has a correlation to student learning. Time is spent addressing academic concerns, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of our educational program.

Faculty response to and involvement in this process will improve over previous accreditation experiences. Faculty will see that time devoted to the development and implementation of this project is well spent, and that there are obvious connections between the accreditation process and the resulting product.

Time spent in this ASP accreditation process has a direct correlation to classroom practice, whereas time spent in the previous accreditation process can seem separate from the daily life of the school. The faculty’s primary focus remains on their educational mission rather than being diverted to tasks that seemed to have no direct relationship to their daily experience. The benefit to stakeholders, including students and parents, is an enhanced educational program.