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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Bethlehem Christian School is comprised of two campuses and is owned and run by The Bethlehem Christian School Association. BCS is a non-denominational, Bible believing Christian school. It exists to assist parents in their responsibility of training their children by providing a complete educational program that is Biblically sound, Christ-centered and of excellent academic standards. BCS is committed to equip students for Christian living by instilling Biblical principles of self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity and good citizenship.


Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Bethlehem Christian School’s Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are the product of a collaborative effort involving faculty and administrators. Each ESLR was developed based on the Mission Statement and the Philosophy of BCS.  

The BCS program will prepare its graduates to be…

Biblically Equipped
BCS students will be equipped with biblical knowledge and principles that strengthen or result in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Students will demonstrate a Biblical Worldview and be able to effectively communicate and defend their faith.

Critical Thinkers & Effective Communicators
BCS students will be active learners who think critically, work independently and cooperatively, and creatively solve problems using a variety of resources.  Students will be effective communicators able to use oral, written, and technological forms.  Students will be lifelong learners who strive for academic excellence and perform at or above grade level in all subjects in accordance with state standards. 

BCS students will be responsible citizens who use their time, talents, and abilities to serve the school, home, church, and community.  Students will demonstrate self-discipline and a respect for God, authority, and others.  Students will compassionately resolve conflict in a loving, Christ-centered way.

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