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Middle School

Students at Bethlehem Christian School will benefit from daily Bible instruction and will not only learn Biblical principles, but will receive academic instruction with a Biblical Worldview. 

Bethlehem Christian School provides an excellent educational program for our middle school students, grades six through eight.  Middle school students will participate in a departmentalized program, allowing for instruction from highly qualified subject matter teachers in the areas of history, science, math, and language arts and reading.  Additionally, middle school students receive instruction in the arts, music, physical education, as well as Spanish.  As part of their educational experience, middle school students will have opportunity to hone their technology skills through the integration of i-pads, MacBook, and interactive smart boards.

Students at the middle school level will be placed in math according to their instructional level.  If a student requires additional instruction on the foundational principles of math, they will benefit from a basic math course, while the student who may require more challenging math, will be placed according to his or her needs as well, ranging from pre-algebra, to algebra and beyond.