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New Family Referral Incentive

Here’s How It Works:

For every new student at the Upper Campus that notes you as their referring family, enrolls, and attends for one quarter, BCS will grant you a $1,000 credit towards your 2024-2025 tuition and the new family will have their enrollment fee waived.

To Participate In The Incentive Program:

Pick up a few BCS business cards and place your name on the back.

As you are telling our BCS story to prospective families who are seeking a private Christian school education for their middle school and high school students, hand them the business card.

When a prospective family comes for a tour of the Upper Campus and gives the BCS business card to their tour guide , their enrollment fee will be waived. The business card will be attached to the application(s) and passed along to our Business Department.

After the student(s) enrolls and attends one quarter as a student at BCS, you will be granted a $1,000 tuition credit towards your 2024-2025 tuition for each of the newly enrolled students you referred!