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Welcome to RenWeb School Management Software at BCS

This next-generation school management software is totally integrated into one database on the web. It can now be found in hundreds of K-12 schools that have joined the RenWeb family over the last seven years, including our own high school, LVCHS.  RenWeb is an extension of BCS, incorporating all events in the life of BCS.  Parents and students will benefit most of all.  Here we will share and grades and other school information, under password protection, through RenWeb's unique ParentsWeb service. Parents can check their student's progress from any location via the web!  Look for more features to be added as BCS implements more of the power found in the software and strengthens its communication with BCS families.
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BCS's district code is BCS-PA.  You will need to enter the district code when you set-up your account.
If you bookmarked your Parentsweb link for the 2010/11 school year, you will need to delete that bookmark and replace it with the new link once you click the RenWeb logo above.
RenWeb has implemented a new user name/password
security authentication system. All users have had
their user name initially set to their email address.
Passwords have not changed.

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