Parents' Code

1.  I will pray earnestly for BETHLEHEM CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.

2.  I will cooperate fully in the educational functions of BCS doing my best to make Christian education effective in the life of each of my children that he or she may love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ all of his or her life.

3.  I will pay all of my financial obligations to BCS on or before the date due. If I am ever unable to pay on time, I will notify the Financial Secretary in advance, (a) giving a reasonable explanation for the delay, and (b) stating when payment can be made.

4.  I will support the school by gifts in addition to my tuition payments and fees, as the Lord enables.

5.  I will undertake volunteer duties and responsibilities for BCS as opportunities arise.

6.  I will recommend BCS to other Christian families as opportunities arise.

7.  I will attend meetings and parent functions of the school and Association regularly, even though I may not be able to achieve perfect attendance.

8.  If I become dissatisfied with the school in any respect, I will seek to resolve the matter with the person or persons involved rather than begin to spread criticism or hold a negative attitude in my heart.

9.  I will seek the advancement of BCS in all areas, spiritually, academically and physically.