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invite a friend campaign

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Benefits of this win-win opportunity

We believe that our students and parents are the best people to invite new families to enroll at Bethlehem Christian. We have a rare opportunity this year to add students to our BCS family during this current school year.  We have openings in our classrooms that make it possible for you to introduce your friends to the finest Christian Education in the Lehigh Valley!  Rather than spending a lot of money for expensive advertising, we are offering parents a limited time tuition reduction if a new family enrolls resulting from their invitation.

1.  New families will benefit from the same excellent Christian schooling you are enjoying.
2.  The $100 per family application fee will be waived for the enrolling family.
3.  The referring parents receive a one-time $500 tuition credit for the current school year for EVERY NEW STUDENT that is enrolled or you can pass the savings to the new family.
4.  We can optimize the school’s resources and provide the best program possible when classes are full.

How the opportunity works

1.   Parents invite a friend or neighbor to apply for admission of their children to Bethlehem Christian School and click here to print the special check which will waive the $100 application fee per family. They may apply online by clicking here or you may give them a paper application available from the school. This reduces the financial risk for the invited family to zero.
2.   For each student that is accepted and actually enrolls, you will receive a one-time $500 tuition credit for the current school year or you can pass the savings to the new family.  This may be just the boost your family needs during this difficult and challenging financial time in which we all find ourselves.


If you have questions about this opportunity, call (610) 868-6020