SAT Testing

Bethlehem Christian School administers  the Standford Achievement Test in April each year.  It’s the oldest and most widely used of a half dozen or so nation-wide standardized tests, which virtually all do the same thing. This test can give us an idea of how our students are scoring in comparison to students throughout the entire country. Though each test is slightly different in its approach, no test is ideal and all contain bias elements, especially regarding particular curricula and methodologies.

Grade Equivalent Score Definition:  The numbers below represent a median grade level equivalent for each subject tested.  For instance: 7.3 would mean - 7th grade, 3rd month equivalent.  As an example, the 2012/13 BCS 7th grade students answered these standardized test math questions as well as the average 10.6 grader nationwide.

Our students perform well above the national average in Reading, Math and the Complete Battery as represented in the following charts: