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During 1977, two ladies of Calvary Baptist Church felt the Lord leading them to begin organizing a Christian school in the Bethlehem area. They made this known to others in the church and the group of interested organizers at Calvary increased in size. Surveys went out to other churches in the area to see if the Lord was preparing hearts elsewhere for such a school. People from four other churches, Ebenezer Bible Fellowship, First Baptist, Grace Brethren and Olivet Evangelical Congregational showed sufficient interest to warrant holding a meeting of those concerned and willing to participate in the implementation of such a school.

Twenty-four people assembled in late December 1977, and within this initial Planning Committee meeting, the Lord had the nucleus of those He would use to create the school. Dr. Roy Lowrie, Jr. was able (with God's help) to make time in his busy schedule to meet with the Planning Committee on February 25, 1978. This meeting subsequently proved to be the turning point in the development of the school because through his experience and guidance he provided inspiration and the key concerning the timing for opening the school.

Clear evidence of God's support was revealed when the congregation of the Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church voted to allow the school to use several rooms within their building. Before the church facility could be used for a school, however, emergency lighting and a fire alarm system had to be installed to meet the State and local building codes. The material cost to the school of about $3,000 was provided by the Lord; i.e., how else can you explain people giving when there's nothing to show but an idea! An "all volunteer force" under the direction of a talented electrician was shortly assembled to do the required work; and on August 17, 1979 the building passed inspection in time for school opening in September.

As the school began to grow and require more space than was available within the extant facilities at Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church, the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church, on December 10, 1980, opened up the rent-free use of their building for the school. Beginning in September 1981, grades 5,6 and 7 were housed there. In this instance, a smoke detection system and a fire alarm system had to be installed before the Calvary facility would meet the State and local building codes for use as a school and, as before, the Lord provided the material cost and the "all volunteer force" performed the work. In school year 2010/2011, Calvary Baptist Church built a new facility on Green Pond Road and invited BCS to continue to operate their program within the new facility.

The leading of the Lord in all of the planning, providing and operating of the school, right from the beginning, is unmistakable. One need only look at the variety of people who "became interested" in establishing the school — people who possessed the special qualifications, both spiritual and vocational, needed to work through the intricate web of detail required to bring the school into operation. And when one or more of these choice servants would move out of town for job-related or other reasons, a replacement with similar qualifications was there to fill the vacancy. It was through these people, of course, that churches became involved to the extent of providing the facility space in which the school functions to this day.

An independent, parent-elected board sets the policy that governs the school. Bethlehem Christian School currently educates 212 students in grades kindergarten through grade eight with a staff of 15 full-time faculty, 4 part-time faculty, and 2 administrators.