More and more, we are living in a digital world.  Our staff uses technology everyday in their classrooms creating lesson plans, doing research and communicating vital information to parents about their student's progress.     

We recognize the necessity of interfacing with our world using technology.  Our students adapt to technology at warp speeds.  Have you ever noticed how quickly your child learns a new video game or how they can show you how to use features on your phone without reading the manual?  Keeping that in mind, our technology plan provides students with the resources they need to utilize technology in their academic pursuit.  

It was imperative that we develop a long-range technology plan and commit the necessary funding to invest in the  infrastructure, hardware and software our faculty and students need in the digital age.  We introduced an annual  technology fee in 2009 and addressed these issues head on with a solid plan that brought our school into the 21st Century!

Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, mini-mac computers, digital document cameras and Bose audio to enhance the learning experience for teachers and students. Laptop computers are also available in our classrooms to extend the learning experience for our students.

Tim Wilkins, Superintendent

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Interactive Whiteboards
Our Classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards - Mini Mac Computers - Digital Document Cameras - Bose Sound Systems.