General School Rules


1.  Students are not to leave school during the school day for any reason being signed out by a   parent or guardian.


2.  Students should keep their hands and feet off others, which includes pushing, hitting, kicking, etc.


3.  The use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, either at school or outside of school, is grounds for expulsion.


4.  Questionable language and gestures will not be tolerated.


5.  Students should be most careful in the use of the buildings, grounds, furniture and equipment.  Any intentional damage to the buildings and/or grounds will not be tolerated.  Strict disciplinary measures will result in such cases.


6. Gum is not permitted at school.


7.  Each student will be responsible to keep his cubby in a neat and orderly fashion.


8.  The school is not responsible for children before 7:45 a.m. or after 3:15 p.m. unless special arrangements have been made.