Regular daily attendance at school is required of every student. Pennsylvania School Law requires a student to attend school for 180 days during the school year or the equivalent number of instructional hours (Kindergarten = 450 hours; Grades 1-8 = 900 hours). The school regards only the following categories of absence as excusable:

1.  Illness of student
2.  Serious need or emergency (such as death in the family, emergency visits to doctor or

All other absences are considered unexcused and will result in disciplinary action. A written excuse from the parent must be presented to the teacher on the day of the student’s return to class. If a student has been absent, due to illness, for three or more consecutive days, a written excuse from a doctor must be presented to the teacher on the day the student returns to class. Permission for absences which do not fall in the two above mentioned categories may be considered by the Principal under the following guidelines:

1.  Permission for prearranged absences must be obtained one week in advance.
2.  Permission can only be granted when the absence is excusable under Pennsylvania
School Law.
3.  The absence cannot be detrimental to the student’s progress in school.

Please call the school office before 9:00 AM to report your child absent. In the event that your son/daughter is absent from school and you have requested that homework assignments be prepared for pick up, you or another adult will need to come into the school office to secure the student's work. Materials will be allowed to go home with a sibling only. In this case, the sibling must be a student at the same campus as the student who is absent. In addition, please be aware that the assignments may not be available for pick up until the end of the day.

Vacations taken during the school year, other than those scheduled by Bethlehem Christian School, cannot be considered excused, unless the nature of the trip can be considered “educational.”  Educational trips are only considered excused if:

1.  The nature of the trip is educational, with prior planning and definite educational objectives.
2.  Prior written permission is obtained from the Principal, and if the objectives of the trip are clearly stated. Forms should be requested from the school office.
3.  The duration is not longer than 10 school days
4.  The student performs at a satisfactory achievement level and has shown a positive and
responsible attitude toward learning and school.
5.  The student gives an oral report of the trip to the class, if his/her teacher requests it.

All work missed during an absence must be made up.  Excessive absences are detrimental to the student’s learning progress. An unexcused absence will incur a zero (0) grade for all school work, homework, test and quizzes.