In addition to the standard guidelines which appear on the reverse side of the application for educational trips, the following guidelines will apply to students’ completion of missed classwork and homework.

1. All homework is to be communicated to the student no later than the day before their last day of school prior to their trip.

2. Regarding the required completion date for all outstanding assignments, the following will apply:

•  For grades K-4 all assigned classwork and homework must be completed by the time the student returns to school.

•  For grades 5-8, the student will have the same number of school days to make up their work as the number of school days they missed while on their trip.

•  In any case, all students K-8, will have the same number of school days as the days they missed, to make up any tests they missed while they were away.

3. Teachers must keep a file of all approved applications received. This will allow them to prepare assignments for upcoming student trips.

4. In the case of parents taking trips prior to applying for permission, all assignments must be completed the day after they are received.

5. Please be aware that potential struggles maybe experienced when students are absent from school for extended periods of time. Assignments forwarded by teachers before education/vacation trips may not be exactly the same as those given in the classroom while your child is away. Since assignments provided in advance of a trip will be, in most cases, for a multiple number of school days, they will be forwarded to provide a general overview of concepts covered during the student's absence.